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About Us

At Empire we strive to build self-confidence while learning skills that teach coordination and advanced tumbling skills. All athletes progress at their own rate. We do not hold athletes back due to age, height or weight.



We have award-winning coaches whose goals are to push their athletes to be the best versions of themselves. They do this with in depth coaching, positive reinforcement and praise. All of our coaches strive to create a positive environment and friendly culture. They always make the physical safety and mental health of all of their athletes a priority, creating a truly inspiring and successful place for gymnasts to grow.



We offer in person classes in competitive acrobatic gymnastics along with beginner, intermediate and pre team gymnastics and tumbling classes for athletes ranging from 5-18 years old.



Empire has an incredible standing of award winning athletes:

- International Medalists

- National medalists

- State Medalists

- National Team Members


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